The Great Cornish Food Book Challenge

31 recipes
10 weeks
1 rather splendid book

It’s official – The Great Cornish Food Book has cleared its first birthday.
A full cycle of seasons has come and gone, the pages have turned, and every element of gorgeous Cornish produce has had its chance to shine in the spotlight. And what a tasty spotlight it is.

Cornwall Food & Drink worked hard on the book over the course of six months, working with everyone from Cornwall’s biggest producers whose reach stretches nationwide, right down to the smaller ones working straight out of their kitchen and delivering from the boot of the car. The gastro scene in this lovely little county is something to be celebrated, and the Great Cornish Food Book does just that.

So what happens now? As a newbie at Cornwall Food & Drink, I came to the team when the book was in its six month heyday – we were just entering summer, the feasting season was just getting started – it was a good time to be learning about the producers, the growers, the catchers and the cookers behind some of (I think) the loveliest fare you’ll find this side of anywhere.

This autumn, I’ve decided to take on the Great Cornish Food Book Challenge. Why not put my money where my mouth is, and cook my way through this beautiful home-grown book, learning about the chefs who created the recipes, the people behind the produce, and the crafts that no self-proclaimed lover of Cornish food should really be without (I’ve never crimped a pasty, for example…!)

So: 31 recipes, a multitude of new skills, and just 10 weeks to go until Christmas (sorry to break that bit to you).

Each week, I’ll cook around 3 recipes from the Great Cornish Food Book – telling you (honestly), where I bought the ingredients, what was easy, what was difficult, and how tasty the outcome was.

Can it be done? Follow my progress and see how we go…

This week’s recipes:
Cornish Garden Frittata
Clare’s Cottage Hedgerow Muffins
A full Cornish Breakfast by Woodlands B&B’s Hugo Woolley
Pork Cassoulet by James Nathan of Retallack Resort

See you on the other side. Happy cooking!

Rosie x

Have you cooked any of the recipes in the Great Cornish Food Book? How did you get on?

Reckon you can beat me to it? Grab your copy here and the race is on 🙂