Paul’s Foolproof Pancake Recipe

Makes 8-10 large pancakes


40g unsalted Trewithen butter

260g plain flour

2 St Ewe medium eggs

600ml Roddas milk


Melt the butter and allow it to cool (blood temperature). Then place the flour, eggs and milk into a large mixing bowl. Whisk together and then stir in the butter to form a smooth batter. You can then either leave the batter in the fridge for an hour or use straight away.

Using a non-stick 8-10 inch frying pan, pour the batter into the pan. Allow the batter to ‘form’ around the edge and bubble in the centre. Then with a spatula, lift up the edges and loosen from the bottom of the pan and flip onto the other side. Your choice if you want to flip just once or three times.

Serve with lemon, sugar and basically anything you fancy!