American Style Pancakes

We’ve all heard of pancakes, but sometimes it’s good to ring in the changes.  These American style pancakes are really versatile and you can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sweet or savoury, even reheat them the next day!

Makes 8- 10 (or less if you like big pancakes!)


220g Self-raising flour

50g Caster sugar

2 St Ewe Eggs

280ml Trewithen Milk

Pinch of Cornish Seasalt

Sift the flour into a mixing bowl, add the sugar and salt before combining the dry ingredients. Pour the milk into a measuring jug and beat in the eggs.  Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and whisk until the consistency of thick double cream.

Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and lightly grease with rapeseed oil or even Cornish Butter.  Drop small ladles of the mixture into the pan, allowing room for them to spread.  When bubbles start appearing in the surface of the pancakes it’s time to flip them, cook for a further minute and they are ready for your favourite toppings…