Price changes…it’s not all bad news

At the Great Cornish Food Store, we’ve always believed that ‘buying local’ doesn’t go hand in hand with ‘paying over the odds’ – quite the opposite in fact. We always pay a fair price to our suppliers, and work with them to make the most of the peaks and surpluses of their production and seasons. If we can buy at a good price, we always pass that on to you.

We’ve also devoted a lot of time and effort in reducing our running costs  – for example, introducing a 5p charge for our paper carrier bags last year has dramatically reduced the demand for them. We did this primarily in the interests of the planet but now that more and more of you are using your own bags and containers it also saves us several thousands of £s a year – savings we can use to offset price rises.

However, many suppliers are being hit by factors outside their direct control, such as energy costs, increases in the minimum wage, autoenrolment pensions and the like, and in the past few weeks we have received quite a few price increases from them. We are also affected by the same factors and, try as we might, some prices have had to increase.  We are not alone in this.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom.  We’ve taken the opportunity to review all our prices and we’ve also found a few areas where we can make some reductions for you.  Because we buy local ourselves, because we talk directly with the producers, and because we know what’s great value at any time of the year, we will always have items which are at their very best in terms of quality and price. Some of our prices are still consistently lower than the supermarkets, simply because we can spot a bargain and grab it before anyone else does!

Our top value products will vary week on week, sometimes day by day, and maybe if you’ve set your heart on a particular variety of fish, or a special ingredient, the price may be a bit higher on the day you call in.  We will always try to have an alternative that will be just as good and better value. Just ask any of our staff – they’ll be eager to help you out.