Bucking the Retail Trend

With so much talk of bricks and mortar retailers closing due to competition from internet sales, our store is well and truly bucking the trend.  Since we opened in the summer of 2016, we have grown solidly with no online shop at all.

Our secret?  We think it’s because, from the word go, we were ad

amant we would create a space that would look and feel very different to anywhere else.  Shopping seems to have become almost demonised – something we gear ourselves up to do as a chore rather than for pleasure – but we were convinced that didn’t have to be the case.

Our store has all the convenience of a 21st century retailer but we have retained heaps of personality and a big emphasis on service.  Our butchery, fishmonger, deli and café are all run by experts able to provide a real one-to-one service and the whole team is trained to go the extra mile, which we know is one of the main reasons our regular customers keep coming back.  And, of course, sell top quality produce at realistic prices.

We purposely haven’t ventured online because we don’t think you can replicate all those elements successfully when you are remote from the customer, especially where fresh produce is concerned.  We feel much more comfortable doing what we do to a very high standard and leaving others to provide the online solutions.