We’re nearly three…

It’s our 3rd Birthday this month. The perfect time to thank everyone who has been part of our remarkable story. The sceptics thought we’d struggle to survive under such rigorous restrictions and in our unique setting right next to a supermarket, but here we are, very much alive and kicking.

So how have we done it? 

First and foremost, credit goes to our wonderful suppliers who bring us the very best local produce. We’re so lucky to be here in a part of the world with such a rich bounty from land and sea. Very few, if any, other regions in Britain could match it.

Next, we’ve built and nurtured a team who really care about what they do.  The devil is in the detail, as the saying goes, and this is where the knowledge and skill of our talented crew here really shine through. The ‘extra mile’ comes as standard.

But none of this would have meant anything without our ever-growing band of loyal customers, some of whom have been coming here since we opened and we see virtually every single day. They are our litmus test.  What’s great is that we know they will tell us when we’ve done well, but equally when we’ve not measured up. Likewise they know we will always take their feedback on board. That’s a sign of a strong relationship, the value of which we never underestimate.

We’ve loved (nearly!) every minute of the past three years and look forward to many more.