What a weekend!

Someone asked me why being three years old was anything to celebrate. Well, we may only be three but, as our birthday weekend draws to a close, it feels well and truly like the Great Cornish Food Store has come of age.

If you were in the store this weekend you can’t have helped notice the buzz. It’s been brilliant! Catch our highlights here. Our customers are amazing in the way they get behind everything we do, as are our loyal suppliers and our fantastic team here.

Thinking back to Day One, the past three years have gone in a flash. Then, thinking of all we’ve done in that time, it’s hard to believe that it’s not been ten.  

As a brand new concept in a brand new location, nothing was ever a given, least of all our success. I always wanted the store to be a place where people actually enjoyed shopping; where they felt valued; where the quality was high but the prices were realistic; where customers could be assured that we were genuine.

It didn’t seem too much to ask from a grocery store but was becoming hard to find elsewhere. I hoped I was right in thinking that others would feel the same and find our approach refreshing.

Luckily, they did! It’s been reassuring hearing people say how much they appreciate the very things we’ve put so much effort into. As well as those who simply like everything about the store, our café, our deli, our butchery and our fishmonger all have their own loyal following.   

Someone said yesterday that our fish counter is the best in Cornwall. More and more people are getting addicted to the dishes our chefs make every day for our deli. For some we’ve become their go-to place for their dinner party ideas or for top notch business lunches. People who holiday in Cornwall tell us we are their first port of call when they arrive and their last port of call as they leave.