Introducing our Daily Catch

Next week, the Great Cornish Food Store will be introducing a new way we sell our fish for Home Delivery and Collection at the Door. 

From Tuesday (14th April), we’ll be offering the Great Cornish “Daily Catch” – a delicious, but non-specific, selection of fresh Cornish fish landed daily in the ports of Newlyn, Looe and St Ives.  Prepared as necessary by our fishmonger, this will be offered to customers in 4, 6 or 8 portions at fixed prices, regardless of the species included.   

We won’t be able to guarantee which fish will be available each day because we never know in advance just what’s been landed.  The “Daily Catch” could, for example, be a selection of portioned white fish such as hake, haddock or pollack, and/or flatfish such as lemon sole, megrim, or plaice and could even include high value fish like turbot and bream.  To make your meal prep nice and easy, we will always offer a minimum of two portions of each species in each selection, i.e. you won’t get just one portion of anything.  Everything apart from oily fish such as mackerel will also freeze well.  We think of it simply as a nice surprise in the shopping bag and a great way for customers to try out fish they may never have tasted before.

The Daily Catch will be sold at the special prices of £12 (for 4 portions), £17 (for 6) and £22 (for 8).  Each species will be packed and labelled individually, so shoppers will know exactly what they are getting, but it will vary from day to day and week to week, reflecting the best quality and value that’s available locally.  The only other option we’ll be offering from the fish counter is diced mixed fish at the special price of £15 per kilo, perfect for fish pies, fish cakes, stews or curries.

Your fish will be prepared by our in store fishmongers.

We’ve always prided ourselves on the quality, variety and freshness of the fish we sell at the Great Cornish Food Store and we know our customers love it too.  But with the store and fish counter and our café now closed for walk-in sales, it has been a real challenge gauging supply and demand and in particular hard to fulfil specific orders on the day of delivery or collection for fish requested several days in advance.

We actually got this idea from some of our customers who have asked us this week to surprise them with a fish selection of our choice on their orders. The feedback has been fantastic so we thought it would be a good idea to trial this with all our customers.  By simplifying our systems, we’ll be able to continue to offer the best quality and value possible, while supporting Cornish fishermen during these extraordinary times. 

Whilst we can no longer take orders for specific species of fish right now, we can still promise a range of tasty local fish, fresh to your door (or car). Give it a try, and look forward to a lovely surprise!

The Daily Catch will be available on all delivery and collection days except Mondays.  For more information about email and telephone ordering, please check our Home Deliveries and Collection from Store page.