Waste Not, Want Not

Those of you who shop regularly with us here at the Great Cornish Food Store will know how much we dislike waste. And in this current climate of the Coronavirus lockdown, we’re continuing to stick by this guiding principle – as far as we possibly can.

Ordinarily in store, shoppers have always been invited to pick and choose exactly what they wanted to buy, and in exact quantities, from each of our fresh counters, be it veg, deli, meat or fish. We’re proud to say that you can continue to do this, even during our temporary home delivery, and click and collect services, because we’ve kept these counters open in order to provide this highly valued bespoke service.  Our butchers, chefs, fishmonger and deli staff remain on hand to prepare individual orders and beautifully prepared ready meals for our customers, and hence we are still able to minimise food waste.

We’ll prepare your orders exactly to size to minimise food waste.

Nonetheless, it’s inevitable in the current situation that we’re experiencing slightly more waste than usual. As a result, we’ve been keen to support a few community causes.  Easter was a case in point, when we had purchased all our Easter stock ahead of time – well before lockdown – and found ourselves with a lot of chocolate and eggs still available as the holiday weekend approached whilst customers did as they were advised and stayed at home.  We hope many of you were able to take advantage of the 50% discount offer; we also gifted all our staff a selection of Easter chocolate.  And we also gave supplies to the children of key workers and staff at the local primary school as well as ambulance first responders, local fire services and bus drivers. 

Elsewhere, we’ve also recently reached out to the CHAOS community fridge, located opposite the store at St Clement’s Vean – donating leftover, but perfectly good, produce to be redistributed for free to others who are vulnerable and in need.  

But even in these strange times, we actually produce very little waste. The small about of food waste generated in store is sent to Andigestion in Holsworthy, Devon, which creates biogas energy via anaerobic food waste digestion.  Our cardboard waste is baled for a local Cornish farmer who also takes our veg waste to compost on his organic farm. And the rest of our glass, plastic and paper etc is recycled in Redruth.  Even the vast majority of our shopping bags and tubs, wherever possible, are either recycled, compostable or made from recyclable materials. 

Excess Easter eggs have been donated to keyworkers based close to the store

When life returns to relative normality and our store re-opens, you’ll be invited once again to bring in your own tubs and carriers for food from the counter, and we hope you’ll continue to work with us on our goal to maintain, indeed exceed our 95% waste-free environment.