Five years and counting…

Today just happens to mark five years since we opened the store. Wow!

It’s been a phenomenal journey with plenty of highs and lows along the way, but we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve done in that time.  Covid continues to dominate most of our lives, to the extent that it’s easy to forget what came before, so days like today are a good opportunity to remind ourselves of how much happened – and how much we learned – before Covid knocked the world off-course.

These days we work with over 200 food and drink suppliers, all of whom are local. That’s increased by about a third since we opened. For some, we’re a tiny cog in their huge operation; for others we’re their lifeblood. And that’s how we like it – the best Cornish produce (and little bit from Devon) from household names to hidden gems. Whatever their size, we prize our close working relationships with our suppliers dearly and enjoy being involved in helping to develop some of those businesses.

Over these five years, we estimate very conservatively that we’ve added at least £20 million in value to the local economy, through the money we’ve paid to our suppliers and employees and the impact in turn of their own spending power.  We reckon that’s pretty good going!

It seems a fitting moment to thank everyone who’s been a part of our journey, not least our lovely team (Nik, Lauren and Lucy in the shot above, taken at the Great Cornish Food Festival, have been with us since Day 1)and of course our loyal customers, who make the job of running the store an absolute privilege.

Here’s to the next five!

And here are just a few of our many many memorable moments…