British Food Fortnight – the perfect pasty!


To celebrate British Food Fortnight, on Friday 30th September we are welcoming the renowned Graham Cornish back into the store. Join us between 11am-2pm to taste his delicious Cornish pasties and sausage rolls that we sell in the store.

We have been working with Graham since 2016 when the store first opened. Being the Great Cornish Food Store, we wanted to make sure that our Cornish pasties really were GREAT and after extensive taste testing it was clear why Graham’s pasties were the winner of the 1st ever World Pasty Championships with his top secret family recipe.

Pasties are thought to have been around in Cornwall since the 14th century, so it’s only natural that the Cornish have become rather attached to this ‘national dish’. The advent of mining in the 19th century really brought the pasty into its own and for many families, pasty-making was a daily task with recipes being passed down from mother to daughter, rarely written down.

Many cooks were and like Graham, still are, fiercely protective of their pasty recipe with some taking them to the grave refusing even to pass them onto their offspring! But one thing is for sure, ask anyone from Cornwall who makes the best pasties in the county and you are guaranteed to enter into a lively debate!

Some fun facts about the Cornish pasty…

If a pasty is crimped by a left-hander it is called a ‘cock pasty’. A right-hander makes it a ‘hen pasty’

A genuine Cornish pasty has a distinctive ‘D’ shape and is crimped to one side

Beef skirt is the cut of meat generally thought to be the best for Cornish pasties. This is the underside of the belly of the animal. It has very little fat and cooks in the same amount of time as the raw vegetables, the flavours and juices mingling to create the delicious product that is known and loved across the globe

Tin miners wives or pasty sellers supposedly shouted ‘OGGY! OGGY! OGGY!’ – the response from any hungry miner would be ‘OI! OI! OI!’

And finally, here is a great pasty recipe from the Cornish Pasty Association should you wish yo have a go at home! Make your own Genuine Cornish Pasty | Cornish Pasty Association | Genuine Cornish Pasty : Cornish Pasty Association