Bonfire night sausage baps – Cornish Style

Remember Remember the 5th November, the gunpowder treason and plot….

The ‘gunpowder plot’ was undertaken by a group of 13 young men in 1605, among them the infamous Guy Fawkes. Their plan was to ignite thirty-six barrels of gunpowder beneath the House of Lords in a protest against the persecution of Catholics in England at that time. However, one of the group members betrayed the team and Guy Fawkes was arrested. He was tortured and gave away the names of his co-conspirators, all of whom were then sentenced to death in January 1606 by hanging, drawing, and quartering as a warning to any wannabe conspirators.

More than four hundred years on, for most of us the anniversary of the failed plot is a chance to enjoy spectacular fireworks and maybe a sausage sizzle, but the Houses of Parliament mark the day much more seriously – a search is carried out before the state opening, which is conducted every year in November. Its a ceremonial ritual done to ensure that no modern-day Fawkes is hiding in the cellars!

When I think about Bonfire night I am immediately transported back to my childhood when we would come home frozen to the bones after ohhing and ahhing at the local firework display and watching a floppy Guy Fawkes burn on top of a ramshackle bonfire.  Mum would be at the ready with jacket potatoes and sausage baps to fill us up and warm us up at the same time!

Now we’re grown-ups, there is still nothing like some comfort food after a cold November night spent watching the children spell their name with sparklers in the night sky.  We’ve therefore created a quick and easy Cornish spin on that bonfire night classic for you to enjoy with (or without!) them this year:

Great Cornish Sausage Bap

Ingredients (Serves 4…maybe…depending how hungry you are)

6 Great Cornish Sausages – pork sausages made in store by our butchers

4 tbsp Cornish Larder Honey & Mustard BBQ Sauce

2 tbsp soy sauce (available from our neighbours Waitrose if there’s none in your store cupboard)

4 Da Bara ciabatta rolls

Cornish Larder Caramalised Onion Chutney

Cornish Ketchup


Fry the sausages in a large frying pan until golden all over and cooked through. Mix the BBQ sauce and soy in a small bowl and then pour over the sausages, give them a shake in the pan until they are coated and sticky. Pop your sausages into the Da Bara baps with the Cornish Larder chutney and a squidge of ketchup.

Why not enjoy with a dark ale such as St Austell Brewery’s Proper Black IPA, or Padstow Brewery’s Pilot porter, which is now back in stock for the winter? Kids love the all-natural Mulled Apple Juice from Cornish Country Cordials too.