Dry January Tasting Day – 28th January – Jolly’s

As we continue our Dry January instore tastings days, we look forward to welcoming one of our newer suppliers, Jolly’s,  in to the store on Friday 28th January from 11-2pm.

First blended in 1896, Jolly’s is Cornwall’s original soft drinks company. Over time we have crafted our delicious heritage family recipes to produce good honest drinks with premium ingredients and no hidden nasties. The team at Jolly’s wanted to create a soft drink that was elegant enough for adults but also a tasty treat for all of the family!

We caught up with Jolly’s to ask them a few questions about the brand and learn a little more about the company.

What sets Jolly’s apart from other soft drink brands?

We are always passionate about using the best ingredients, all of our soft drinks are made using our very own Cornish Spring Water and we source as many ingredients on a local level where we can, for example, the Cornish Chillies in our Ginger Beer. As a brand we are extremely conscious about the environment and try to keep our footprint as low as possible, all of our drinks are made and canned in Cornwall. I think this is what sets Jolly’s apart from other soft drinks brands the most!

How important are your Cornish roots?

Jolly’s would not be the brand it is today without our Cornish heritage and loyal Cornish customers. Many of our customers still share stories with us about the Jolly’s van visiting every week with a soft drink treat. We have been delivering in Cornwall since 1896 and still have the original Jolly’s packaging on display at our Saltash HQ!

Who should try your product and why?

We recommend that everyone tries Jolly’s, our soft drinks are enjoyed by a variety of people. Whether you want a drink you can enjoy with friends at a party or an environmentally friendly packed water after a day at the coast, there is a drink in our range for the whole family. We have developed our drinks to taste great as a stand-alone soft drink or as a mixer with a premium spirit, whether that is alcoholic or alcohol-free!

This month we are celebrating dry January in store, what do you think the benefits of Dry January are?

We believe there are many benefits to dry January, it is important to remember that it doesn’t have to be boring and the world is your oyster when making delicious mocktails! For us, at Jolly’s, it’s great to start the day feeling fresh and full of creative ideas which is enhanced by Dry January. In addition to this, there are many proven health benefits such as improved sleep, a clear complexion and a strengthened immune system to fight those winter colds. If you can create amazing-tasting drinks with those benefits- what’s not to love?