Valentine’s Tasting Day – 11th February – Loveday

Join us on Saturday 11th February from 11-2pm for a special Valentine’s tasting session with Loveday.

We caught up with the wonderful women behind the brand and asked them a little about their thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Read on and then let us know what your favourite love song is in the comments!

Why is Loveday called Loveday? 

We chose the name Loveday for it’s rather gorgeous Cornish roots. In the Middle Ages, days of peacekeeping efforts between quarrelling regions came to be known as Love Days-  Leofdaeg in old English, so celebrated, often newborns were named after such ‘Lovedays’. Something still utterly worth toasting!

Tell us about the story behind Kissing Gate Gin?

We think that the joy of stealing a kiss over a kissing gate is ageless! These gates dot the paths through our woods and fields, where inspiration for this herbal, gently floral hedgerow gin is found in abundance. Distilled with chamomile, celery-scented lovage and sweet, sunny fresh gorse. Enjoy with premium tonic and a slice of lemon…

There is a hint of romance in all your gin names…are you all romantics?

Deep down, we are romantics but show it in very different ways. Ruth enjoys sharing an experience with loved ones and likes nothing more than taking friends out sailing, Chloe is a huge gift giver with her husband and friends and Daisy loves to cook for those around her.

What will each of you be doing this Valentine’s Day?

Chloe- Having a cosy night in with my husband James and my toddler Etta.

Daisy- Eating homemade pasta with my wonderful chef boyfriend Jesse and drinking Loveday cocktails made by yours truly.

Ruth- Waking up in the Moroccan Atlas mountains with my partner to go climbing on the last day of my holiday.

Tell us your favourite love song?

Chloe- Let’s dance by David Bowie

Daisy- A case of you by Joni Mitchell

Ruth- You and Me Song by the Wannadies