Cheese of the Month – try something new!

Did you know we stock over 40 Cornish cheeses on our Deli counter?

Each month we celebrate one of our amazing cheese suppliers as our in store Cheese of the Month and during the month we invite the cheese maker into the Great Cornish Food Store to offer a customer tasting session and we sample the cheese on our deli each weekend. The aim is to encourage our customers to maybe try a cheese they haven’t tasted before, learn a little bit more about the cheese making process and of course shout about our amazing suppliers.

In April we are tasting Cornish Smuggler from Whalesborough Cheese. Cornish Smuggler is an attractive farmhouse cheese with red marbling and a deep creamy flavour…it was a huge hit with our customers on the tasting day. Come try it for yourself any weekend during April or ask at our deli for a taste.

In May we will be welcoming Cornish Gouda into the store. Watch this space for the day and time coming shortly!

In the meantime, what’s your favorite cheese for a Spring picnic?