Celebrating Our Fantastic Fishmongers…

The importance of skilled fishmongers…


Did you know that the first known use of the word ‘fishmonger’ was from the 15th Century? Meaning for centuries, fishmongers have been a central part of towns and villages around the country.

Here in Cornwall, the early hunter gatherers would have found a diversity of fish and shellfish around our shores and, as time moved on, fishing became an enormous part of the Cornish way of life and economy. You can read more about the history of fishing in Cornwall here.

Fishermen, fishing communities, markets and fishmongers have always been an essential part of what makes Cornwall Cornwall.

However, as we’ve transitioned to a self-service, pick-up-and-go culture, the numbers of independent butchers, bakers and fishmongers have started to decline.

That’s not the case here at the Great Cornish Food Store, where we make it our business to celebrate these traditional skills and keep these important trades alive.  This is what we think has helped to turn our fish counter into one of the most popular parts of the store.

When our customers tell us what they love about chatting to our skilled fishmongers and buying their seafood from our store, these things always stand out:

– Knowledge – about what’s in season, sustainability, how to cook it, what to cook with and how it should taste. We’re always ready to recommend a locally landed alternative to some of the imported species too.

– Expert preparation – if you want your fish filleting, skinning, top & tailing, portioning or you want a specific cut – we can do it.

– Quality – this is where we really stand out. All the fish we sell is landed locally and bought fresh, never frozen. It’s selected for us by merchants we know and trust, who wouldn’t dream of supplying us with anything other than the best fish they can lay their hands on. Often it will be off the boat and in our store within 24 hours.

Want more information on great Cornish fish? Check out our Great Cornish Food ‘Fish’ book for tips, recipes and information about the amazing varieties of fish and seafood and the people who bring it to our plates.