Coming from the only English county surrounded on three sides by sea, Cornish seafood is world-renowned.  As many as 40 species can be landed in any one day from the combined Cornish and Scillonian fleet of day boats and larger vessels.  This is the fish sought out by top chefs and fish-lovers from all over the UK and beyond, the jewel in Europe’s seafood crown.


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"I don’t know if it’s the crystal clear waters, the passion of the day boat fisherman working out of tidal harbours, or the sheer diversity of species landed daily on our shores, but one thing is for certain, Cornish fish is so special it demands respect by all who have the privilege of working with it.”
Mark Puckey
Padstow Seafood School
"It's all about where we are. Off Cornwall is the point where the English Channel meets the Atlantic Ocean. That means clean, cold water and cold water is great for fish! Add into that mix the Gulf Stream and we have the unique luxury of a number of different species of fish and seafood being brought to our doorstep. Also, the heritage of fishing running through Cornwall is so strong that our fishermen are some of the most experienced there are, leading to them holding a great respect for both the sea and the fish thus ensuring that it comes to market in the best possible condition."
Nathan Outlaw