Cornwall’s iconic fishing industry has something the whole world wants…

A fishing boat gliding gently out of Newlyn on an idyllic summer day reinforces the romanticism associated with the life of a fisherman. The reality of getting fish from net or hook to plate is somewhat different but the fishing industry is vital to Cornwall’s economy and the opportunity for Cornish fish has never been better.

A 2002 survey of public attitudes to Cornish foods saw “pasties” and “clotted cream” cited as the foodstuffs most closely associated with Cornwall; fast forward to 2014 and those two have been usurped by fish/seafood – the time for Cornish fish is now – here are just a few facts and figures that reflect the fishing industry today…


Of all the fishing ports deemed ‘administration ports’  in the UK, Newlyn has the highest number of registered boats but Fraserburgh in Scotland has the greatest tonnage. Newlyn also has the highest number of registered fishermen at over 800 of whom around 83% classify themselves as full-time.

Fish are landed at more than 30 ports in Cornwall from tiny Boscastle on the north Cornish coast, to Sennen in the far west and up to Millbrook, opposite Plymouth on the Cornish side of the Tamar.

Click here to download our Great Cornish Fish Factsheet for more fishy facts.