Wherever you go in the world, food is far more than nourishment and sustenance; it’s part of the culture and the way of life.

Cornwall is a place where heritage and entrepreneurial spirit go hand in hand

A place where Cornish pasties and clotted cream are still the county’s most iconic foods but are now part of an eclectic mix, where ‘traditional’ isn’t a by-word for ‘old fashioned’.

Throughout history, Cornwall has been a place that inspires creativity and the Cornish way of life is also characterised by its deep-rooted, down-to-earth, relaxed nature. This is why you’ll find hotels, restaurants, cafés and pubs all over Cornwall that ooze style without a hint of ostentation. It’s a perfect fit for today’s informal lifestyles and is one of the main reasons why Cornwall is the height of contemporary coolness.  

The Great Cornish Food Book and at the Great Cornish Food Festival epitomise that unique and special character of Cornwall and Cornish food and drink. Both are brought to you by the dedicated and energetic team at Cornwall Food & Drink, guaranteed to go the extra mile to give you something exceptional.

"There was a time when, if asked what they thought of when they heard the words ‘Cornish food’, people conjured images of scones and clotted cream or pasties. Nothing wrong with that! However, these days Cornwall can offer so much more."
Nathan Outlaw