The perfect crab sandwich

Stuart McGuire, Rum & Crab Shack Serves 1


  • A spider crab
  • Granary bread
  • Chopped parsley, lemon juice and olive oil
  • Sea salt and cracked black pepper
  • Extra lemon wedges to serve


1. Steam a good size Spider Crab for about 8-10 mins or boil it for 10 mins

2. Pick the crab while it’s still warm and separate the brown meat from the white.

3. Flake up the white meat with a fork.

4. Pass the brown meat through a coarse sieve.

5. Add to the white meat: chopped parsley (and chopped wild garlic when in season), lemon juice, good olive oil, Cornish sea salt and cracked black pepper.

6. Spread unsalted Cornish butter on two slices of fresh granary bread* then paste the brown meat on both buttered sides.

7. Fill generously with the white meat mixture, cut into quarters and present with extra lemon wedges. Watch it disappear!


* If you’re feeling adventurous then homemade onion, herb and horseradish bread is great with this: 1 part white flour to 2 parts malt flour plus diced onion, herbs and freshly grated horseradish all sweated in olive oil.

Top tip: purists never put mayo in a crab sandwich.