Spectacular Cornish Sea Food

At the Great Cornish Food Store, we celebrate Cornwall’s unique location – defined by the ocean – to bring you a spectacular selection of superb local seafood.

Our large fish counter is stocked and managed by our own team of skilled fishmongers and all of our fish is sourced daily from local markets.

Our fishmongers LOVE to talk all things fish, so come and have a lively chat with them for suggestions, recipes and tips on how to prepare your fish.

The counter is open every day except Monday, as there are no fish markets over the weekend, and closed on the Tuesday after a Bank Holiday Monday.

A small note on SEAsonality…

With so much choice and lots of different factors to take into account, it’s not always easy to know what to buy when. You’ll find most types of fish to some extent throughout the year but there are definitely optimum times to choose different species in order to keep fish stocks healthy and to get the best taste and quality. However, because fish habits and habitats are affected by the weather and sea conditions – as is the fishing – it can be a tricky old business trying to define categorically the availability of fish from one season to the next. Our fishmongers are always happy to recommend alternatives if your favourite fish isn’t available.