Store cupboard, freezer & pantry items

Cornish jams, chutneys, sauces, biscuits, frozen items, snack bars and dips.

  • Burt's Chips

    Thick cut British crisps, hand cooked in Devon with real taste and a great crunch.

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  • Boddington's Berries

    Award-winning, high fruit content preserves made near Mevagissey.

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  • Chorley's sauces

    A range of tangy, barbecue sauces made in Truro, inspired by Africa.

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  • Clare's Preserves

    Multi-award-winning marmalades, jams and relishes, based in the foothills of Dartmoor; all handmade.

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  • Cornish Chillis

    Located in the heart of Cornwall, Cornish Chillies grow a variety of chillies using sustainable farming practices.

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  • Cornish Larder Co.

    A range of delicious perseveres that celebrate and combine Cornish food & drink producers.

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  • Cornish Ketchup Company

    A range of handmade 'real' ketchups and brown sauce.

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  • Cornish Sea Salt

    Original Cornish sea salt flakes and crystals, and flavoured salts and peppers.

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  • Cornish Seaweed Company

    Edible, organic Cornish seaweed foraged and handpicked in west Cornwall.

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  • Cornwall Pasta

    Artisan pasta company based in Falmouth, specialising in small batch seasonal and speciality pastas.

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  • Cornish Valley honey

    Honey specially selected from hives in East Cornwall, available in 227g and 340g sizes.

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  • Furniss Biscuits

    Traditional Cornish fairings and shortbread biscuits - simply delicious!

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  • Freda's Peanut Butter

    Made in east Cornwall, a range of uniquely flavoured, deeply roasted peanut butter made with natural ingredients.

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  • Halzephron

    Salad dressings created by hand in St Keverne.

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  • Hugo's Breakfast

    A range of award-winning Cornish muesli and granola including a gluten-free option.

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  • Ninemaidens Honey & Mead

    Natural Cornish honey and award-winning genuine Cornish mead in a variety of flavours.

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  • Popti

    Fine Cornish savoury biscuits with no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives added.

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  • Roskilly's

    Jams and chutneys, all made on the Lizard.

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  • Sarah & Finn's

    Artisan, award-winning producer of handmade vegan-friendly relishes made in Gwynver.

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  • Simply Cornish

    Delicious fairings and clotted cream shortbread.

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  • Simply Oil

    Cornish cold-pressed rapeseed oil made on Coswarth Farm in Newquay, from seed to bottle.

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  • Sisley's & Crellow

    A variety of handmade in Cornish preserves and condiments, all using quality ingredients.

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  • Wild Cornwall

    Wild Cornwall create luxury foraged and homegrown products on their farm in Cornwall.

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  • Wild Pesto

    Handmade pesto made in West Cornwall from foraged ingredients. Dairy-free version available.

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